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About BlueZoo, Inc.

BlueZoo delivers accurate, privacy-protecting, and cost-efficient measurement of the presence and movement of people, including impressions, occupancy, dwell time, unique visitors, and traffic flow. BlueZoo passively measures the presence of people by measuring mobile phones as a proxy. Sensors are delivered either as BlueZoo custom hardware or as firmware on supported platforms. Our purpose-built dashboard simplifies analysis and anomaly detection. Users derive insights from fine-grain data that are recorded in a cloud-based data warehouse and from real time alerts. In the out-of-home advertising industry, BlueZoo measures campaigns’ impressions, reach, and frequency. Advertising audiences can be measured both indoors (e.g. in-store signage) and outdoors (e.g. street furniture signage). For retailers, BlueZoo measures foot traffic analytics and real-time occupancy to improve conversions, margins, and operations. For insurers, BlueZoo measures occupancy to predict and prevent the risks of overcrowding.

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