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About Soundtrack Your Brand

Soundtrack Your Brand (Soundtrack) offers businesses the world's largest catalog of music, licensed for business use, with over 100 million tracks. Soundtrack is the first on-demand music streaming service, available in 75 markets globally and expanding. We understand that music isn't background noise; it's a powerful tool that strengthens brand identity, shapes experiences and influences emotions. PLATFORM BUILT FOR BUSINESSES The Soundtrack platform is built for businesses, making it easy to manage music at multiple locations remotely. Dedicated business functionality like playlist scheduling, messaging, central management of locations and zones, explicit filter, SSO/SAML and advanced role- and permission settings help companies get on top of music selection, to help strengthen brand identity and have a positive influence on sales. WORLD-CLASS MUSIC SELECTION Soundtrack offers over 1,000 ready-made playlists for business types, seasons and situations and the ability to create unique, radio-like stations tailored to your customers by selecting genres, energy, decade and sounds that describe your brand. Build a playlist from scratch or drag in any Spotify playlist and make it legal for use in a commercial setting. TECHNOLOGY AND SUPPORTED DEVICES You can access the Soundtrack platform through our central web interface and apps for iOS and Android. We also offer a hardware player, SP3, that can be used as your streaming device. Furthermore, we have several integration partnerships with audio/player HW-manufacturers, where our player technology is integrated into their solutions (Wiim, Audac, Q-SYS, Sonos).

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