McCarrel, Charlie

McCarrel, Charlie

Technical Director at Huddly

Charlie McCarrel is a seasoned professional in the audio visual industry with over two decades of experience. Since 2002, he has held various roles in AV integration, enterprise UC in healthcare, and at AV equipment manufacturers. Previously, Charlie was Technical Director at Huddly, leading the Sales Engineering team and creating an AVIXA certified technical training course.

In April, he transitioned to a sales-focused role, managing the western region. Inspired by his father, a sound contracting company owner, Charlie pursued a degree in audio and acoustics from Columbia College, graduating in 2004. He excels at the convergence of technology and construction.

Charlie has a keen interest in AI, enjoying the latest developments in the LLM world and cutting-edge hardware. This passion complements his work at Huddly, where he collaborates with AI experts. 

Next-Gen Learning: The Generative AI Frontier in AV/IT Solutions ED75
Thursday, June 13 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM